The following CDSC Lab members will be heading off to graduate school starting Fall 2018!

Kathryn Yee
University of Maryland College Park
Human Development, PhD
PI: Dr. Melanie Killen

Rachel Leshin
New York University
Social Psychology, PhD
PI: Dr. Marjorie Rhodes

Rihab Mahmood
Pace University
School-Clinical Child Psychology, PsyD

Gabriela Memba
SUNY Buffalo
Clinical Psychology, PhD

The CDSC Lab is honored to represent the National Science Foundation at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C. on April 6-8th

We're hosting a booth called "Animal Discovery," where we'll share our research on children's diversity-based reasoning. We have fun activities and prizes planned for families and hope to see you there!

Our fantastic research assistant, Rashel Reizin, was accepted for the Yale Infant Cognition Center Summer Internship Program! 

Former graduate student, Dr. Lisa Chalik, will be joining Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University as an Assistant Professor of Psychology starting in Fall 2018!

The CDSC Lab is headed to Portland, OR to attend the Biennial Meeting of the Cognitive Development Society (Oct 12-14)! For our full schedule please click here.

Dr. Tara Mandalaywala will be joining the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences as an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Fall 2018!

For more information on her research:

The Conceptual Development and Social Cognition Lab will be presenting at the 2017 Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting in Austin, TX from April 6-8. To see our schedule, click here.

Honors student, Christine Tai, was awarded the Psi Chi (International Honors Society of Psychology) fall 2016 undergraduate research grant for her work on children's understanding of social status.

Kathryn Yee will present work investigating the effect of language on children's beliefs and motivation in science at the 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, TX (April 6-8)

Tara Mandalaywala will present work (done with honors student Christine Tai) showing that children use social group membership to attribute social status to others at the 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, TX (April 6-8).

Tara Mandalaywala and Marjorie Rhodes will co-chair the symposium "The development and consequences of status representations" at the 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, TX (April 6-8) featuring talks from developmental psychologists from the University of Washington, the University of Maryland, and the University of California, Berkeley. 

Marjorie Rhodes and Tara Mandalaywala's review "The development and developmental consequences of social essentialism" was accepted to WIREs Cognitive Science

Tara Mandalaywala will be giving a talk on how cognitive bias can modify the effects of early life adversity on stress physiology in rhesus macaques at the Joint meeting of the International Primatological Society and the American Society of Primatologists in Chicago, IL (Aug 21-27)

Tara Mandalaywala will be presenting her work showing that White children's essentialist beliefs about race are related to racial prejudice at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in Philadelphia, PA (Aug 10-13)

Honors student, Christine Tai, will be giving a presentation on what we know about children's understanding of social status at NYU's 3rd annual Diversity Summer Student Conference (July 22)

Emily Foster-Hanson will be giving a talk explaining how generic language elicits essentialist beliefs at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (Aug 10-13)

Emily Foster-Hanson will be giving a talk on preschoolers' dual character concepts at the International Conference on Thinking at Brown University (Aug 4-6)

Marjorie Rhodes will present the lab’s research on the development of category-based induction at the upcoming conference of the International Conference on Thinking at Brown University (Aug 4-6)

The lab's new paper on the acquisition of social categories in 2-year-olds has been accepted for publication by Child Development

Honors student, Christine Tai, was awarded a DURF grant from NYU for her work on children's understanding of social status

Recent graduate, Lisa Chalik, will be a post-doctoral fellow in Yarrow Dunham's Social Cognitive Development Lab at Yale starting in September

Rachel Leshin will be joining our lab and Andrei Cimpian’s new Cognitive Development Lab at NYU this Fall

Honors student, Elysia Choi, has accepted a position as lab coordinator in Deena Weisburg's Cognition & Development Lab at University of Pennsylvania

Marjorie Rhodes and Todd Gureckis presented their work on informal science learning at the capstone conference of the Templeton Foundation Varieties of Understanding Project

Honors student, Gabrielle Ranger-Murdock, won an Eastern Regional Research Award from Psi Chi for her work exploring the relations between essentialism and prejudice at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting in New York City

Marjorie argued that, “We're not born racist,” at the 2016 Misconceptions of the Mind Conference at the University of California Berkeley

Marjorie Rhodes and Sarah-Jane Leslie received a 5 year R01 ($1.59 million) grant from NIH to study the linguistic transmission of maladaptive beliefs

The lab received $12,000 from the NYU University Research Challenge fund for Tara Mandalaywala’s research on the physiological consequences of racial essentialism

The lab received $120,000 from the NYU Research Challenge Fund for Women in Science for a new project on the development of group-based economic behavior

Marjorie Rhodes will receive the 2017 Boyd McCandless Award for distinguished theoretical contributions to developmental psychology by an early career scientist from Division 7 (Developmental Psychology) of the American Psychological Association