New Online Study Opportunity

Participate in a CDSC study right from your computer – it's easy!



NYU's Conceptual Development and Social Cognition Lab has an exciting opportunity for children ages 4 to 5 and their parents!

NYU and Princeton University are partnering to investigate how young children learn about groups of people based on stories. We are excited to invite children and parents to participate in this study ONLINE! Please see below for more details:

  • WHAT? We are running a new study that will be administered entirely online through an online platform called Userlytics. Children between the ages of 4 and 5 – and their parents, of course! – will participate in this study from a computer. 
  • HOW? The link below will direct you to our study. Everything, from our parental consent process to the activities for children, will be explained along the way. We will start by checking that your microphone and webcam are working, and then proceed to the study from there! The Userlytics platform is user-friendly and has been vetted by many families before.
  • WHERE? That is up to you! All you need is a computer and a quiet space. We recommend participating from your home or a local library, but whatever is most comfortable for you and your child is just fine!
  • WHEN? Whenever you choose! The study takes approximately 20 minutes and must be administered in one continuous session. Just click on the link below when you are ready to begin.


To participate, CLICK HERE:



Questions? Feel free to email us at!